George Metropoulos McCauley ,known for his pottery and narrative sculpture, has been influenced by his interest in Asia, ritual, mysticism, folk art and his Greek Heritage. He identifies his approach to handling clay as casual and finds common ground with the Momoyama Period, Bizen and Iga Ware. Typically his pots are decorated with colorful non-literal floral designs applied with his fingers, hands as well as brushes mixed on the clay surface in a painterly approach. McCauley also does high temperature wood firing and is in the forefront in the low fire wood firing movement. He is equally known for his Wood Fire/ Red Neck Majolica Process and George’s House of Clay Wednesday Night Videos Series on Instagram and You Tube.

Along with his functional ware, McCauley makes narrative sculpture combining clay with wood, metal, found and handmade spurious archival objects. In addition to his work in clay, McCauley has made several films related to ceramics, helping craft the stories, makers and development of the field. He has also developed exchange programs which bring Asian and American potters together in order to travel, work and exhibit.

Among the media exposure about McCauley and his work is “ Bridging the Pacific” a 2012 film by Nagamura Hisaaki, Director’s Work Films in Association with ASO TV in Kumamoto, Japan. The film details his work and exhibitions in Japan.